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searching for female bodybuilder!

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searching for female bodybuilder!


We are currently casting the two female lead roles for our feature film Celine!.  We are looking for one actress  aged 25-30, and another aged 38-45.

Both actresses should, in terms of physical fitness, be able to convincingly portray elite athletes competing within the women’s physique division or, with relatively minor adjustments be able to achieve the required shape. Invited to apply are women active in Physique, Figure, or Bodybuilding. Women of a muscular build, from a background in martial arts, wrestling, powerlifting or similar, are likewise invited to send their application.

Casting will take place between July and September 2018, and the projected shoot will take 30 days on locations in Europe and the US, during the summer of 2019. The actresses will be coached to fulfill the demands of the role, both artistically and athletically.

If you think you’re the right fit, we look forward to hearing from you!


CELINE tells the story of a german body builder who tries to pursue her dream of family life and a professional sports career, but is sidetracked by the darker side of the industry in the shape of BDSM and PEDs. On her road to the big goal she also encounters prejudice and discrimination.


Celine has never learned to be proud of herself and her body. She thinks of herself as a woman who has to function. Her intellect forbids her to accept the approval of others but, paradoxically, she still wants people to like her. For her life in a remote small town is hard. Besides, she raises her 6-year-old daughter alone.

When she does exercise, she finds a way toward herself and recognition, especially from men. However, the more sport she does and enjoys lifting weights, the more the others reject her. When they openly criticize her and even her father calls her “a freak”, she secretly trains and tries to attract as little attention as possible at public places. She even dresses so that nobody notices her muscular body. Thanks to her genes and meticulousness, Celine is successful. As a bodybuilder, she takes part in competitions across Europe but she conceals the true reason for her absence from her daughter and parents. Hard training is becoming a vent where she transforms her anger and lack of understanding which she receives from the surrounding world in something positive. She often trains until she cries out in pain and she is too exhausted to go on. Her behaviour and her antisocial way of training in the gym make her lose her membership.

After qualifying as a professional athlete, Celine decides to go to America where she looks for like-minded people. In Los Angeles, she meets Nicole and then a process of rethinking begins. She learns to consider her body as a work of art and thanks to Nicole she finally begins to like her individual femininity. However, winning the title is not what she strives for. She is looking for a place in the world, a family that will take her as a freak among freaks. That’s why she must overcome her fear of her own physical dimensions and stop lying to herself.


Nicole becomes fond of bodybuilding late at the age of 33. She is an African American and her family is from the Southern United States. She is the mother of four grown children. She was overweight and was often in pain. A doctor prescribed her medicines that were supposed to relieve the pain but the side effects plunged her into depression.

It was only when Nicole was advised to go in for sport that she found a way out. The possibility to build her body and shape it on her own provides new perspectives. She not only builds muscle, but also loses 30 kilos. Her pain disappears and she feels reborn. At first, her family supports her and her children find her cool. However, Nicole is getting more and more muscular and when she finally starts participating in competitions, her family’s reaction is incomprehension and criticism because she wants more space for herself. Her children don’t want to accept their new strong mother, and her husband files for divorce. Nicole gives up her old life and from that moment on her children stop talking to her.

Nicole devotes herself to sport. She is now one of the most famous bodybuilders and she is proud of this. She considers herself a sports representative and she fights against discrimination that she comes across every day. After the divorce, due to financial problems, Nicole starts working as a dominatrix. This job is not a problem for her and she talks about it openly. In her house by the sea she sets ups a small studio as working in hotel rooms is getting increasingly dangerous.

Nicole has never lost heart and has always managed to keep her incomparable sense of humour which is evident in her performances. Thanks to it she manages to beat those who want to depress her. Even her rivals value her warm and caring character.

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