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Portrait-shooting with IFBB Profi Rahel Ruch

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Portrait-shooting with IFBB Profi Rahel Ruch

Photo shoot with international bodybuilding profile Rahel Ruch.

As part of the preparations for our new short film, we did a photoshoot with Rahel Ruch.

Rahel is 160cm tall, weighs 65kg, and her bicep circumference is 37 cm. She lives in Zürich.  Rahel is a bodybuilder and trains 6 times a week, never getting up after 7 in the morning. When is she is preparing for competition, she has an additional training session before breakfast. Her days are packed with managing her diet, training, and appointments with her physician and massage therapist.

Rahel makes her living as a personal trainer, as she is unable to support herself solely on her sport. In order to make ends meet, she has to make many economies.

As a young girl, Ruch trained as a ballerina. Bodybuilding, for her, is another opportunity to be on stage. At least three months of sacrifices and hard training goes into her three minute routine on stage. Maintaining her diet and training regime is a struggle, but Rahel is prepared to do what it takes to reach her goals. A confident woman, she is positive and highly motivated.