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Marie Silmari – NAC 2017 Hamburg

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Marie Silmari – NAC 2017 Hamburg

NAC 2017 Hamburg – Marie Silmari – Female bodybuilder

Last week I spent a day with Marie Silmari, a Finnish female bodybuilder, backstage at NAC 2017 in Hamburg – a pretty big competition for bodybuilding. I have made a short video out of the experience in which I hope gives you a bit of insight into the female bodybuilding world, showing the emotional rollercoaster these athletes go through during competition days.
Thanks Marie for the Inspiring day, I love how you represent female bodybuilding.
This stop was part of my preparion for the movie I am making. If you would like to know more about the project, ‘Celine!,’ which is about a Female bodybuilder, go to: www.fffyeah.com
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