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Bester Mann: Filming set to start in Summer of 2017

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Bester Mann: Filming set to start in Summer of 2017

Bester Mann

Being bullied is an everyday experience for shy teenager Kevin. Until one day, a stranger on a motorbike comes to his rescue. Kevin is immediately taken in by the much older Bennie, who presents himself as a talent scout working out of a nearby cottage, where he takes professional photos of his proteges. Flattered by the attention, Kevin asks for a photo-shoot, but the session goes somewhat beyond what he expected. Afraid to disappoint Bennie, thus losing the budding friendship, and intoxicated by the attention he is shown, Kevin is willing to go along with anything Bennie says.  Caught up in the headiness of belonging, Kevin fails to pay attention to the truth hidden behind Bennie’s polished facade.

BESTER MANN is a story about the vulnerability of youth, as well as a dissection of the murky criminal motives behind a purported ideology. A tale of the seductive power of intimacy – as disturbing as it is commonplace.