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Actor Frederik Schmid receives Big Shorts Award!

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Actor Frederik Schmid receives Big Shorts Award!

Actor Frederik Schmid receives Big Shorts Award!

At the first Big Shorts Award, Frederik Schmid was awarded for his outstanding performance in ‘Bester Mann’ as Benny.

In ‘Bester Mann’, Frederik Schmid portrays a disturbingly complex antagonist, whose sympathetic manner not only lures in the main character Kevin, but also the audience onto a dangerously false track. But even when his secluded garden house turns out to be a spider’s web, Frederik’s engaging smile gives the viewer hope that there will be a happy ending for the protagonist Kevin. When Benny strikes with unbearable hardness, the viewer remains behind with a broken heart. As he smokes his celebratory cigarette, the blood will run cold in your veins.

We congratulate this promising and talented young actor!

Also a big thanks to the organizers at the Forum for Medium Length Films for putting on this great event to award the achievements and celebrate the long overdue honor of the medium length film.

We at Funfairfilms feel that we are in good hands in this category because many of our previous films such as ‘Henry’ (50min), ‘Die Schilehrer’ (50min), ‘Bester Mann’ (44min) and ‘Alfreds Kurgarten’ (30min) have already shown how successful medium length films can be with the audience. With prizes like the Big Shorts Award, it’s worthwhile to continue producing medium length films in the future.

Keep your eyes and ears open!

Your FFF-Team