Originally founded as a film collective, funfairfilms is now an innovative and award winning film production company based in Austria and Germany. The managing director is Austrian author, director and producer Philipp Fussenegger.

At funfairfilms, we aim to establish ourselves as internationally renowned unconventional filmmakers who seek to preserve our creative and artistic freedoms, as well as enriching the global film market with innovative, relevant and universally told stories. In tandem with our international partners, our work is characterised above all by a fearless and unbiased approach.
To maintain this vision, we have an internationally diverse team with extensive professional backgrounds coupled with the unified goal to create radical cinematic worlds of expression. We benefit from strong and experienced partners who ideally support funfairfilms in the areas of script development, production, post-production, marketing and distribution.

funfairfilms has already proven itself to be a dynamic presence:

In 2016, our production ‘Henry’ received the First Steps Award in the category Best Medium Length Film. The film was nominated for the Austrian Film Award 2017 as Best Short Film and has continued on as a part of the Goethe-Institute’s tour in South America. The film can be seen on Amazon Prime.

In Spring 2016, we also shot the pilot ‘Geld spielt keine Rolex’ for the concept comedy series ‘Die Schilehrer’ (‘The Ski Teachers’). It premiered in October 2017 at the Hof International Film Festival where it was received as an audience favourite and can now also be seen on Amazon Prime.

In 2018, our film ‘Main Man’, a co-production with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, celebrated a brilliant premiere at the 39th Max Ophüls Prize Festival where it won the the Jury Prize in the category Best Medium Length Film. ‘Main Man’ was nominated for the Austrian Film Award 2019 as Best Short Film and is currently on a worldwide festival tour.

In 2020, the feature length documentary ‘I Am The Tigress’ will be completed. Directed by Philipp Fussenegger and co-directed by cinematographer Dino Osmanovic, the project has already been supported by the BKM and the state of Vorarlberg (Austria).

funfairfilms is also currently working on Fussenegger’s international narrative feature length film debut ‘The Tigress’. In addition to screenplay funding from the Film and Medienstiftung NRW, the project has already won the renowned Jets Programme and received project funding from the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

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