Are you lonely? Hi. I am Kokeshi. The first humanoid replicant. I can be your perfect match.


Philipp Fussenegger

Philipp Fussenegger is an award winning Austrian director, scriptwriter, producer, and photographer. He won the First Steps Award 2016 and was nominated twice for the Austrian Film Award. He won the Max-Ophüls-Prize in 2018. Identifying as gender fluid, he is active in Berlin’s underground fetish scene, creating high end events to nurture sex positivity and exploration. He recently co founded the innovative start up Kokeshi/Cybrothel where he combines his visionary filmmaking talent and relationship to Berlin’s underground kink scene to create extraordinary worlds. Together with his co founders, he created the first human based interactive sex doll, Kokeshi. In 2021, they will open the world’s first Cybrothel in Berlin where sex and technology connect with human desire.


STATUSIn Development
GENREScience Fiction