Philipp Fussenegger is an Austrian director, scriptwriter, producer, and photographer.
After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in directing in Salzburg, he completed his studies at the renowned Academy of Media Arts in Cologne with the well-received diploma film ‘Henry’. ‘Henry’ was awarded with the First Steps Award 2016 in the category Best Mid-length Film and was nominated for the Austrian Film Award in 2017.
In 2016, he wrote the comedy streaming series ‘Die Schilehrer’ (The Ski Teachers) and directed the pilot ‘Geld spielt keine Rolex’, which became the audience’s favourite at the Hof Film Festival 2017 and caused great controversy in Vorarlberg, Austria. During this time he founded funfairfilms as a film collective.
As a producer, Fussenegger found success with the medium length film ‘Main Man’ (director Florian Forsch) which was awarded with the Max-Ophüls-Prize 2018 for Best Medium Length Film and was nominated for the Austrian Film Prize in 2019.

In 2021, Fussenegger finished his feature film debut I Am The Tigress. The documentary film project received film funding from BKM and the state of Vorarlberg. I Am The Tigress deep dives into the world of female bodybuilding and offers a unique perspective on race, gender and beauty told through the experience of Tischa ‘The Tigress’ Thomas.

He recently co founded the innovative start up Kokeshi/Cybrothel where he combines his visionary filmmaking talent and relationship to Berlin’s underground kink scene to create extraordinary worlds. Together with Alexis Smiley Smith and Sujmo Akcali, he created the first human based interactive sex doll, Kokeshi. In 2021, they will open the world’s first Cybrothel in Berlin where sex and technology connect with human desire. Currently, he is in script development with a dystopian science fiction film starring Kokeshi.




Born from the wilds of Oregon USA, Alexis Smiley Smith is a Berlin based writer and co founder of Kokeshi/Cybrothel. Her obsession with the written word led her to finish a BA in English/Creative Writing in 2007. In 2017, she completed her MFA in Creative Non Fiction under the mentorship of Lidia Yuknavitch  and Justin Hocking. Stories from her collection, Liminal Spaces: Essays On the Beautiful Terror, have been published in The SAND Journal and as the editor’s choice for NAILED Magazine. Her essay on the Vietnam War and dementia, Uncle of Things, was nominated for the 2019 Pushcart Prize in Non Fiction. Critics have praised her work for fearlessly interrogating topics such as abuse, loss and addiction with a sense of magic and beauty.

She currently works as a scriptwriter at funfairfilms in Berlin. She recently co founded the innovative start up, Kokeshi/Cybrothel, where she utilizes her fierce imagination and pro sex feminist perspective to merge the human experience with technology.


Landkammer received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Multi Media Art at Salzburg in 2010. From 2011 to 2014, she worked for Peter R. Adam as an assistant editor. She has been a freelance film and video editor since 2014. Judy Landkammer’s first feature film “The Misandrists” celebrated its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2017. Her film project “Main Man” premiered at the 2018 Max Ophüls Film Festival where it won the jury prize for Best Mid Length Film and was nominated for the Austrian Film Award 2019. She co-founded COVEN BERLIN in 2013, a queer feminist artists collective and online platform, that has exhibited in institutions like neue Gesellschaft der bildenden Kunst (Berlin), Schwules Museum (Berlin), and Municipal Gallery Arsenal (Poznań). Over the past years, she has worked multiple times with directors and artists such as Bruce LaBruce, Matt Lambert and Philipp Fussenegger (currently “I Am The Tigress”).



Osmanovic was born in Doboj, Bosnia, but moved to Austria at the age of 7. He completed his studies in Multi Media Art at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. During his studies, he spent an Erasmus semester at the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He went on to study cinematography at the Munich Academy of Television and Film in 2010 where he completed his diploma. In recent years, he has worked on numerous films as a cinematographer including ‘Jenny’, which was nominated for the German Short Film Award, and ‘Kreatura’, which was nominated for the Golden Frog Award for Feature Length Documentary at Camerimage 2017. He also worked as cinematographer on the insider documentary ‘Germania’ which went on to be distributed in German cinemas. His latest work ‘Saudade’ won the IDFA Award (Student Section) in Amsterdam.

His past work with funfairfilms as cinematographer include ‘Henry’ which was awarded the First Steps Award and nominated for the Austrian Film Prize and ‘Main Man’ which won the Max-Ophüls-Preis 2018 and was nominated for the Austrian Film Prize. ‘I Am The Tigress’ is his directing debut. Since May 2019, Osmanovic has been working as an artistic and scientific assistant at the University of Television and Film Munich in the Institute for Cinematography.



Florian Forsch was born in Moers, Germany. He trained as a photographer, received his Certificate of Apprenticeship in 2005 and has since worked professionally as a photographer, currently specialising in photographing interiors. In 2010, Forsch graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from the Academie Beeldende Kunsten, Maastricht, and went on to gain practical knowledge through an internship with Rosa von Praunheim Filmproduction in Berlin.

Between 2008 and 2014, Forsch worked on a number of film projects as writer, director, actor, and assistant director. Notable projects include ‘Wir Lieben Alltag’, ‘Cruising’ and ‘European Requiem’. ‘Main Man’ is his graduate film for the Academy for Media Arts in Cologne.


During his Master’s studies in Theatre, Film and Television science, Ethnology and Sinology at the University of Cologne, he also completed two semesters abroad at the Film Academy Beijing/China. In 2013, he graduated with an emphasis in the Hong Kong cinema of Wong Karwais, the history of stereoscopic 3D film and transcultural documentary film. In 2015 he completed the Masterclass Non-Fiction at the International Film School in Cologne.

Since 2011, he has worked as a producer and production manager for various film productions. In 2017, he joined funfairfilms as Executive Producer. In addition to the Max-Ophüls-Preis Award 2018 for his first production ‘Main Man’, the film also received a nomination in Best Short Film for the Austrian Film Award 2019.

Currently at funfairfilms, Steinwand is producing the international documentary ‘I Am The Tigress’. The project received a production grant from the BKM and the state of Vorarlberg.


Sujmo is a Berlin based creative director originally from Cologne. Her involvement in the early 90‘s Berlin underground art and music scene influenced her renegade vision and design aesthetic. In 2000, she finished her degree in Cultural Management and Audio Visual Merchandising here in Berlin. From there, Sujmo went on to start a career in advertising at Shanghai Berlin where she worked on campaigns for bigwigs such as Mercedes. Her time with Wolf and Lamb gave her the opportunity to expand on her craft through music video production. Nowadays, she is a part of the team at Mrs. Brown & Sons and Cookies Events Berlin. Past clients include Google, Diesel, N26 and DCM Productions. At funfairfilms, she works as the creative director. She recently co founded the innovative start up, Kokeshi/Cybrothel, where she uses her narrative design aesthetic to create interactive spaces to connect all consensual beings with sex and technology.