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The Biggest Fun to Come

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The Biggest Fun to Come

Yes, beautiful slowmo images you see here.

But, the thrilling part of it is how these images were achieved. You get a hint right at the beginning of the show reel, but for my part I didn’t catch the meaning as I watched it for the first time. I got stuck on the very smooth camera movement, which appears very similarly in all the different scenes.

Until now, nothing unusual, you may think. But as you examine the different heights and distances from the camera to the filmed objects, you would assume that although there seems to be a characteristic movement, different techniques must have been approached to come up with these pictures.

To find out that all of this is the outcome of only one device, got me really excited.

Hell yeah, it’s a remote controlled model helicopter with a camera in its core.

And I tell you what, I am going to have this! And I will never have to rent cranes, or dollies or tracks, or steadicams. No missed permission will keep me  from getting the shot I dreamed of.

This is just going to be the biggest fun in front and behind the camera on a film set.

A big childish smile from Lisa.

Praise goes out to SnapRoll Media