Funfairfilms originated as a collective of filmmakers in 2010, and is since 2016 a limited company registered in Austria. Austrian director and producer Philipp Fussenegger acts as the film company’s managing director.

The vision of the company is to safeguard the creative freedom and ambition of up-and-coming filmmakers, and to be a fresh new voice in the industry. Innovative narratives, as well as a fearlessness and an open-minded approach, are hallmarks of Funfairfilm’s work.

In cinematographer Dino Osmanovic, scriptwriter Zazou Röver, and film editor Judy Landkammer, Funfairfilms have strong, experienced partners for the development, production,and post production of the company’s projects.

In 2016, the company had its first major success, as Philipp Fussenegger won the First Steps Award, in the mid-length film category, for his film Henry. Henry was also nominated for the Austrian film prize, and is part of the Goethe-Institut catalogue touring South America since 2017. In addition, the company completed production of the pilot episode Geld spielt keine Rolex for projected tv-series Die Schilehrer. The pilot was premiered in 2017 at the international festival Hofer Filmtagen where is was a huge hit with the festival audience.

Funfairfilms most recent production Bester Mann (directed by Florian Forsch), which was produced in cooperation with the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, premiered at the 39. Max-Ophüls-Preis festival, where it won the Max-Ophüls award for best mid-length film.

Currently, Funfairfilms is focused on  Fusseneggers international feature-film debut, which is expected to be filmed in Berlin and Los Angeles in 2019. The project was awarded funding for script development by  Film Commision NRW, and was among the projects selected for promotion under the prestigious JETS-program at the 2018 Berlinale.

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